Jeyasingh David

His life started in a small town of Nagercoil in south India. Being a part of the Indian Air force during the youth of his life, He accepted christ in his 30`s. Before his married life he was noticeably misaligned. Once he accepted Christ, God started revealing to him the purpose of family. His family life has been a great journey for the past 25 years. Today he is a grandfather and cherish family time together every day.

He committed his life for Missions, after his marriage and has been faithful to God. He is Ordained, Worked with GEMS Missions for more than 20 years now. He went as a pioneering missionary to UP. Now by the grace of GOD, the work here has been established. He manages educational institution and other Mission based projects in UP, INDIA.

Being a part of GEMS missions in Bihar as a Regional Director, Southern Region, he also has travelled and preached in Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, European and United States.  One thing that remains close to his heart is his family. This starts with his wife. Over the years he and his wife have learned the way of living with God as center of our lives.

In his walk of life, he has met many families. Families which are broken, families whose generations have been deserted, families who have lost the meaning in life. Many have been counselled by him. He says that the life that we life is very short. But we hardly realize this when it comes to family and living. His experience and the revelation God has put in his hearts, the urge to help husband and wives make a wonderful family life is close to his heart.