Can marriages last long?

He has vast experience of 30 year in the field of Automobile and management. He is a consultant for strategic planning, turnaround initiatives, redefining personal destinations and developing competencies. He presents biblical values through a voluntary group (City Community in Coimbatore ) on initiatives and deliberation for for Building lifelong relationship between Spouses, Presenting Biblical values to teens to equip them to Say no to killer fun, Overcoming and fruit bearing.

by Issac Jeyaprakash

Years of courtship and tons of words of love still do not withstand the demands of marriage. Relationships become thorny or break more often and more quickly now. What’s wrong? Is it always the other spouse at fault? Even the trust on the concept of one partner for life is fading. How do I make my marriage endure challenges and trials?

Let’s ask a fundamental question. What do we expect in a marriage to be and not to be?

  • She will remain beautiful or he handsome and active for ages
  • I will always be adored and treated as hero
  • I should not be forced to serve my spouse and no decisions without my approval
  • I will be free to pursue my ambition, my habits and my friendship
  • There ought to be 50, 50 responsibility shared in everything; be it house chores or taking care of children

Real life situations vary so much that these hard and rigid expectations won’t fit in. Willingness to go far beyond 50% can only make it easier to cope with unreasonable demand of situations. Are you ready for this? Then you will enjoy marriage.

The Bible says it well in Colossians 3: 18, 19 and in Ephesians 5: 22 – 28. ‘Wives, submit to your own husbands as is fitting in the Lord. Husbands, love your wives without bitterness making sacrifices for her’.

Husbands, do not subdue her. Wives, do not make him bleed. Joy and peace depend on how we listen to God’s commands. There are many brickworks for building sweet home; but this is the cornerstone principle.

Happy married life!