Parenting is a wonderful experience and it’s a great privilege given to us in our earthly life. In fact, around the world, children top the list of the most enjoyable things in life. The Bible clearly says “Children are Gift from the Lord “.  As a Christian parent, we are accountable to God, to raise our children for God as he has given them into our hands to raise them in the ways of God. Understanding our primary responsibility towards our children is vital, in the first place.

As a parent we want “All must go well with our children”. Trust me, this is really possible with the Help of our God who is always there by our side to help us whenever we need a help. I would like to emphasize that we may feel it’s quite challenging if we depend on our own wisdom or strength. To handle this great task effectively, little sacrifice, sincerity and wholeheartedness is required, nothing more than that.  Believe me, I ensure that our Children will be a delight for us for our lifetime.

In light of my past experience, I found these five keys is essential for raising Godly children

1.Teach them to love God and make them understand the importance of looking greater in God’s eyes.

Anything without Love is not acceptable to God and only the heart matters to him. Proverbs 22:6 says train up a child in the way he should go and even when he is old he will not depart from it. So teach them to Love God and to  please God in their every action as I believe this is the basic principle. the second part  is not taking about your children being intelligent, healthy, capable or rich or any such thing. Even if they are in a low status in earth it doesn’t matter. If they are godly, they will be great in God’s eyes.

2. Understanding the fact that God has specific plan for your Children

The point is to complete God’s plan for their lives before they leave the earth, because God has a specific plan for your children. Please remember that don’t destroy that plan by putting other values into the heads of your children, that they think other things are more important than God’s kingdom. Make them understand that fluffing God Plan in their life is far more important than anything on this earth.

 3. Instruct them, Teach them every day about  spiritual principles, based on the Word of God

It is so important, for  parents to teach our children obedience and to break their stubborn when they are young so that they learn to prepare themselves to obey God one day, in the future. As soon as they are able to understand what you are saying, then it is a right time to start teach them. But if you were careless then you have a problem on your hand from your child when he or she becomes teanager. So those whose children are still in their early stages, not yet teanagers, do what the scripture says. Bring them up in the fear of God. teach them to fear God.

4. Discipline your Child but Don’t provoke them to anger

We need to punish our children because the bible says in proverbs 22:15 foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child, but the rod of discipline will remove it far from him. Parents who do not use the rod are not going to bring up their children in godly way. We need to use the rod of discipline to drive out that foolishness. If you don’t break their will when they are young they will never be able to obey God later on in life It will have to be a miracle. It does happen in some cases, because god is great. But it is our responsibility as parents to do it early in life. This is God’s way. However, Ephesian 6:4 says Don’t provoke your children to anger.  So we should not keep on irritating them by nagging them and scolding them day and night. But bring them up in the discipline and instructions of the lord.

5. Husband and wife to be united to pray, discipline and being a good example for your children.

The greatest thing you can do, as husband and wife, is to be united. Don’t be divided in the punishment of your children. Be united in following scripture, when husband and wife are divided, it brings chaos into the home. It opens the door for the devil to come right in and destroy your children. Be united and let the devil find no gap between you , to come through and attack your children. Being a good example is very very important. From such a life, God will be able provide you with wisdom to lead your children in godly paths.  Also parents must pray for your children by name every day, every single one of them. Ultimately,  God’s heart will be satisfied, as our homes become godly examples and a light in the midst of a dark world.

Author: Hanna John