How often do we keep looking at ourselves in the mirror? Would not that become a boring? How comfortable will you feel when you see actions you dislike on the MIRROR? Very true. Children are our mirrors. The mirrors through which we see ourselves. If this is true, are we not created in the same image of GOD? If it is the same image, what else do we see when we face the mirror? Do we not see GOD`s Image? Truly affirmative. The unanswered question is are we mirroring the image of God in our lives.
The psychological argument is to treat children as independent human beings. Yes I do not deny the fact that they are independent beings. But how many children can grow independently? Isn’t the world a place of community living?

Are you a systematic parent? Is your parenting based on Rules? The feedback you get is fear or guilt based behavior.

Well that stirs up million thoughts within us. Yes Exactly true and undoubtedly correct.
Touch Life parenting Workshops can help you become the parents that you always wish to be. Children are a heritage, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s you.

We conduct workshops for couples and parents at various sizes. If you are interested in working out a session with us, we would be happy.