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Our Mission

Touch Life Family was founded in 2014 in Singapore by Bobby Leonard along with Jeyasingh David, Former Regional Director of GEMS Missions. The primary objective was to support the Asian migrant community on their family needs, which has grown to also support the first and 2nd generation of migrant young Adults . Since the inception, we’ve conducted many conferences across Asia, Parenting talks and workshops, organized events locally and counseled parents and couples, dedicated to building stronger family relationships.

We operate separately as events and workshops under REVERSE maintaining good relations with our Asian network organizations. We do not receive foreign funds, and we are fully funded by locally as well as income from our programmes and services.

Helping families thrive through seasons of life.

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About Bobby & Babitha

Since 2004 Bobby has worked as a personal coach in the Middle East region working with families and parents. He has also been involved in personal coaching for business leaders and conducted workshops in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. He was also featured in a leading parenting Magazine Aquarius in the year 2005 for a Multi Intelligence workshop that was conducted for preteens.

Over the years, there have been many families and couples who have been blessed lives transformed. Both Bobby and Babitha work with families on parenting.

With all the learning and God`s guidance, they believe that God has uniquely gifted him with understanding and helping parents transform their children`s lives, marriage being the foundation for children to be nurtured.

They believe we are parents only once. Hence it is not uncommon that we miss out on the coach parents and couples to be more prudent in their relationship. Their understanding of human relationships and wisdom has helped play a unique role in the to work with families.

Bobby has conducted train the trainer programs workshops for Teachers (TDSOL) – “Teachers development for Students oriented learning” since 2007. He is an inspirational, motivating speaker with wisdom and passion.

Their Family and Parenting aspects are focused on Asian family, culture. Dealing with issues related to migrated families, their relationship and parenting challenges, first, 2nd generation migrant children, and their priorities.

They have conducted the Touch Life Family Conference in Singapore, Malaysia, India, Srilanka.

Both have their Masters in Management in Advanced Behavior Science and Management, Bobby is now pursuing his Masters in counseling, Masters in Divinity.

Other Certifications:

Certified facilitator for SYMBIS couples assessment and mentoring
Certified Marriage Mentors from Les & Leslie Parrot
Certified facilitator for Compass Finance for better Finance Management

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Touch Life Family Conference

Touch life Family conference is planned for families to be committed in their walk with lord as husband and wife and for them to nurture their children in the ways of The Lord. This conference is to recharge each other as couples coming together, as parents...

Commitment in Marriage

Suzanne Hadley Gosselin recalls that “there was no way for me (or him) to anticipate how hormones, sleep deprivation, the stress of caring for an infant, and just adjusting to a huge life change in general would test our marital bliss.” As Gosselin notes,...

Take an SYMBIS assessment as a couple

“The SYMBIS Assessment provided insights into how our personalities mesh and our pre-marital counselor gave us useful tools and advice to coincide with the assessment. We’re better off as individuals and as a couple after going through the SYMBIS program.”

– Chris & Leeanna

“The SYMBIS Assessment rocks! We learned so much about our relationship and feel incredibly confident about our future together.”

– Toni and Chris

SYMBIS is amazing! My husband and I love being facilitators. We also love how versatile SYMBIS is; whether our couples are engaged or have been married for years but experiencing difficulties, the program works for everyone.


Do we answer the questions together?

No. To ensure accurate results each of you will need to complete the assessment on your own without discussing it.

How do we take the Assessment?

Any couple can take the SYMBIS Assessment – but you’ll need a Certified SYMBIS Facilitator. Why? Because they are trained in debriefing your personalized 15-page report with you. 

Can we take the Assessment if we're already married?

Sure. While the SYMBIS Assessment is primarily designed for engaged and newlywed couples, many married couples at various stages find the results to be extremely helpful.

How long does it take to complete the Assessment?

Approximately 30 minutes.

Can we take the Assessment if we're not engaged yet?

Absolutely. If your relationship is getting serious, it’s never too soon to begin the process of exploring your potential future together.

How much does it cost ?

It retails for $35 per couple and with the new edition.

Ok, I finished the Assessment. Now what?

As soon as both of you complete the SYMBIS Assessment, your Facilitator will be notified and then contact you to schedule your sessions.

Is the SYMBIS Assessment based on Research?

Absolutely. This is critical. Every aspect of this assessment is grounded in multiple studies to ensure that the tool is both reliable and valid.

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