Background of this ministry:

In the year 2012, God revealed to me the gift of understanding the mind and to counsel for parenting that helped me raise up my child to which my wife is a witness. God gave me the seed thought that there are many parents who need help even around us. Although we do not directly influence them, we share how we help bring up our child in a Godly way without being influenced by the expectation that the world has placed over him, with a very positive nature with his faith on God and not on his own ability. This driving factor has brought forth a true nature of how God meant families to be.  At almost the same time, My mentor Mr. Jeyasingh David who is the regional director of GEMS Missions in Bihar was sharing about how married life and small hurt feelings within husband and wife makes life difficult unknowingly, and how GOD revealed him through his marriage.

Together we decided that this message of families to grow in Christ to be reached across India which has the highest number of young families and growing children in the next 20 years.

Ministry & Purpose:

This is a family ministry. Family begins with Husband & wife. This is not a church. Thus, the members or people who are involved in this ministry can still be attending the same church.

What is expected of the members is that they attend once a month support group gathering to share, pray and get new insights, learning from the groups.

As leaders or coordinators of the group, praying for the families and supporting the families in parenting aspects and counselling as required is necessary.