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Children Mentoring

Wondering if your children need mentoring? Yes, of Course, the circle of influence is always your friends , teachers and family members. While that becomes a natural circle of influence, you might also consider a societal group with strong family values to be part of your child`s upbringing. This helps them cultivate the right values, instill confidence in them. 

Parent Mentoring

Parents  face with different challenges with different age groups. With situations such as these unprecedented times have altered the behavior of families  how they react to situations. Understand more about what patterns and traces you leave behind with every conversation with your child. 

Group Mentoring

Parent group cohesiveness and learning from one another in a small group is encouraged. We have different family groups based on age category who can help nurture your parenting skills.

Hello! We are Bobby & Babitha  

Licensed Mentors

Parenting did not come easy for me says Babitha, however as we spend time together, the wisdom that Bobby shared with me about mind patterns of children with different age, it became easy for me to handle children. Today i manage different age group of children’s with different needs. Wee are passionate about helping children grow with a positive outlook to life. Sometimes they do not get such environment at home. Hence we need to intentionally create such occasions for children and parents to tap in to that wisdom which otherwise is unknown.  Being in the unknown makes us feel we are terrible parents and find it difficult to navigate further and ahead of life.  Over a season of time, we currently handle more than 50 children of different age groups and completely understand what challenges everyone face at home. We fail to realize they are our mirrors, and will do exactly what we do at home and other palces. 


Write down a Family Vision

Family Vision Book

Only 1 in 20 families have a mission statement and core values written down that they reference at least once per year. Writing your family Vision in a book is not only practical but also helps you to reflect and keep you going. 

1. Mission Statement

Your mission statement describes why you exist as a family as succinctly possible with specific, action-oriented, and enlivening language. This is your rally point!

2. Core Values

The Core Values section is a list of terms and descriptions that describe who you are and what you care about intrinsically. They’re not traits you aspire to exhibit, they’re descriptors of how you’re already wired.

3. Envision Statements

Your family’s Envision Statements are one-liners that cast a compelling picture of what will happen, or what you hope to see happen, as a result of living out your mission and values.

Commitment in Marriage

Suzanne Hadley Gosselin recalls that “there was no way for me (or him) to anticipate how hormones, sleep deprivation, the stress of caring for an infant, and just adjusting to a huge life change in general would test our marital bliss.” As Gosselin notes,...

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