Touch life Family conference

It is planned for families to be committed in their walk with lord as husband and wife, nurture their children in the ways of The Lord.
God created us in his image with his virtues, fruits of the spirit. But as we have moved with our mundane, technology driven life we have missed to identify and isolate the ways of the world from that of God.
As couples when we took the marriage oath, we had a fierce passion of love that superseded everything else. We were looking forward for a exciting future. However as East Met West, the realities of life might have brought forth
Recharge yourself knowing as couples coming together as parents understanding how to indulge with one another with Jesus as center of you love languages. Discover as parents what triggers our actions towards our kids to act and behave in a certain desired & undesired patterns.

The conference is not about getting together and knowing. It’s about growing together as a family. Nurturing your children in the ways of the lord. Between husband and wives, we miss out many untapped opportunities to keep the marriage life vibrant. We let it become mundane. As parents we tend to role model our parents which does not help us engage with children of this era.

Commitment in Marriage

Suzanne Hadley Gosselin recalls that “there was no way for me (or him) to anticipate how hormones, sleep deprivation, the stress of caring for an infant, and just adjusting to a huge life change in general would test our marital bliss.” As Gosselin notes,...

Our Story

Background of this ministry: In the year 2012, God revealed to me the gift of understanding the mind and to counsel for parenting that helped me raise up my child to which my wife is a witness. God gave me the seed thought that there are many parents who need help...